Negligent Entrustment

Automobile accidents are a growing and expensive liability for dealerships, mainly due to distracted driving and a legal concept called negligent entrustment.

Many garage liability policies do not offer coverage for incidents of negligent entrustment and business auto policies may not provide enough coverage. Juries often award the plaintiff punitive damages in excess of any compensatory damages resulting from negligent entrustment.

In this webinar you’ll find out:

+  When is an employer found negligent
+  What is used to determine negligence
+  Why liability coverage is not sufficient
+  What underwriters are considering
+  How to prevent and avoid negligent entrustment

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Date: Wed. Oct. 13

Time: 2pm– 3pm CST

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Topics & Speakers


Mat Pope

Dealer Risk Management Specialist
Valent Group

Paul Elliott

Dealer Risk Management Specialist
Valent Group


Attorney Perspective: Legal Ramifications and Considerations


Jeff Ingram

Attorney, Auto Dealership Industry
Counsel, Alabama Automotive Dealership Association

Jeff was born into the car business through a family dealership, working there before he could drive (at least legally). Today Jeff leads a legal practice focused largely on the automotive industry. For over 25 years he has represented dealerships throughout AL and MS in trial courts, appellate courts and in arbitration. He has been on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Dealer Counsel and serves small, large and national dealership groups.


Preventative Steps Your Dealership Can Implement Now


Tim Rogers

Safety & Loss Manager
Valent Group

Tim ensures your dealership’s facilities and safety programs meet or exceed federal standards set by organizations such as OSHA, DOT and EPA. Tim’s expertise includes working with multi-location/state companies, including prior executive roles.

Going Beyond Automotive

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