Hurricane and emergency preparedness planning, risk evaluation and action steps that will be taken are each part of a process that evolves as a known weather event develops and moves closer to landfall.

Tropical Storm Laura is forecast to become a Cat 2 or 3 hurricane and effect the US Gulf Coast from Texas to the Florida panhandle. The leading winds are forecast to reach portions of the coast Tuesday afternoon. The hurricane is forecast to make landfall Wednesday night.

What can you do? Know the risk you will face, based on where you will be when the winds begin. Check weather at the National Hurricane Center often to have a better understanding of what your risk will be. Use this information to determine your next steps.Tropical Storm Preparedness Guide Sample Pages

Use this information to determine your next steps.

Will you stay or will you leave? Use the attached information to help you in the coming hours prepare your business and your home. After these storms pass, if you like help preparing a plan or if you like someone to review your plan, please call your Valent Group Producer.

Download our Hurricane & Tropical Storm Action Plan