Tornadoes can occur during any month of the year.

Take steps to ensure office employees and field employees know what to do when the weather gets ugly.

Historically, the southern U.S. experiences tornados all year but most frequently from April through November. Before a storm occurs, look around your property and job sites to identify items that may damage property or be lost in high winds. Take an inventory. Instruct employees on how you want to secure the property and most importantly, where they should shelter.

Do you have procedures for field employees to be notified of severe weather and how to report-in to management after a severe weather event? Is there a plan to back-up computers before weather becomes severe? If cell towers are damaged, communication will be compromised. If your business is severely damaged, will you continue to work from a temporary location?

Our Tornado Preparedness guide includes the important questions you need to consider, as well as other useful information and checklists.  

Download Tornado Preparedness Guide

Tornado Preparedness Guide