Hurricanes are one of the most devastating and costly natural disasters. Common sense and preparedness can make all the difference when it comes to staying safe after a storm. Once the hurricane has passed, the following tips can help with your recovery efforts.


Assess the damage to your home.

Check outside for any roof, siding, window and door damage. Missing flashing, gutters and shingles will all need to be replaced. Take photos of any damage, as these can be used when filing an insurance claim. When assessing damage, wear the appropriate protective clothing, such as heavy-duty waterproof gloves and boots.


Board up any broken windows temporarily. 

This helps deter vandalism and prevents any additional weather damage. 


Be wary of any gas lines or electrical appliances that may have been damaged or broken during the storm. 

If gas leaks or electrical issues are suspected, stay out of the property until a utility company deems it safe.


Do not stay in your home if it unsafe.

If you think your home might be unsafe, do not stay there. Instead, find temporary accommodations.


Keep accurate records of your expenses.

Save all bills and receipts from any temporary repairs you make, as well as any damaged appliances or household goods you have to replace. Avoid making any permanent repairs until your insurance company has reviewed the damage.


Wait to return home.

If you were evacuated, return home only after authorities say it is safe to do so.


Do not drive in flooded areas.

Cars or other vehicles will not protect you from floodwaters. Vehicles can be easily swept away or stall in water.

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Avoid downed power lines.

Never touch power lines or anything in contact with downed power lines, including branches, water or puddles.


Download this infographic poster to hang these tips somewhere easy to access! 

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