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Process Makes Perfect

We believe that Process Makes Perfect (PMP), where perfection is defined as “exactly fitting the need in a certain situation, for a certain purpose.”

Ultimately, what’s perfect for you will be different from what’s perfect for another of our partners. That’s why we lead clients through a structured but tailored process that is anything but cookie cutter.

You have desired business outcomes. We’ll help you get there.

Our Employee Benefits Process

1. Investigate

You need to determine a baseline — that is, where your benefits program is today. We will gather and diagnose key information to help you know where you are, and where you could be.

2. Roadmap

Together we will develop a comprehensive benefits plan design that fits your company culture and ultimately moves your benefits program forward.

3. Execute

Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to execute and support you through a variety of consulting services that may include plan design, HR, wellness, compliance and data analytics.

4. Sharpen

We’re students of healthcare, constantly keeping a pulse on industry changes and improvements so that we can pivot when necessary to keep your benefits plan strong. Immediate changes will be recognized and executed. Long-term opportunities will be evaluated during the renewal process to ensure progress year over year.

Our Property & Casualty Process

1. Investigate

What are your true operational exposures? We’ll use a variety of tools to show you areas of success and improvement, and how these are impacting your insurance program – and ultimately your bottom line.

2. Roadmap

You need strategies that minimize your risk and reduce your insurance costs. We’ll provide you a report mapping out next steps to strengthen your business insurance program.

3. Execute

Depending upon your program requirements, we may bring loss control, claims advocacy, brokerage services, facility security, and other core services that impact your insurance program.

4. Sharpen

As you grow and evolve, your risk and exposures grow and evolve. These changes occur regularly during the insurance policy year. It is critical your insurance brokerage/risk management group continues to monitor and adjust your risk management programs throughout the year to address and anticipate changes

PMP-Pulse™ & PMP-Edge™

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