​OSHA requires employers subject to its recordkeeping requirements to post copies of completed 2021 300A forms between February 1 and April 30.

Form 300A is known as the “Summary of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses.”

Do I need to file this form?
You are not required to complete the OSHA injury and illness forms if you are:

  • An employers with 10 or fewer employees throughout 2021, or
  • Are in a partially exempt industry, as listed by OSHA, and have not been requested by OSHA to keep this record.

What is involved with filling out the form?
After December 2021, companies that are required to complete the forms will need to:

  • Calculate the average number of employees during the year and
  • Calculate the number of hours worked by all employees, hourly and salary.

This information will be used to complete the paper 300A form that is to be displayed by February 1, 2022, and the electronic report that is to be completed and submitted online. Read our bulleting attached for more information.


This blog summary has been prepared by Valent Group’s Safety Manager and Loss Control Specialist Tim Rogers. Tim ensures our clients’ facilities and safety programs meet or exceed federal standards set by organizations such as OSHA, DOT and EPA. Tim’s expertise includes working with multi-location/state companies, including prior executive roles with Community Newspaper Holdings and Bruno’s Supermarkets. 

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