Pest Control

You’re Protecting What Belongs to Others.

Who’s Protecting What Belongs to You?

You’re constantly protecting the homes and businesses that hire you to get rid of unwanted guests.

Now it’s time you had a full-service partner to better protect your business from unnecessary risk – namely through insurance competition combined with technical consulting services.

Historically, pest control has been a highly litigated industry. This has adversely impacted competition between carriers and brokers for insurance placement, pricing and program design.

It’s time to change the landscape, and we’re leading the way.

Access our custom program tailored specifically for pest control owners. We’re committed to providing you pricing competition between multiple underwriters ready to write pest control risk.

Our insurance consultants will audit your program to make sure that your risk profile is best in class and combine this service with our internal claims and safety/loss management team to support your business growth.

Why Choose Valent?

No other firm in Alabama is providing the level of service or competition for the pest control industry. As the second largest privately-held insurance agency in the state and the premier risk division of EBSCO Industries, one of Alabama’s largest companies, we provide full-service risk consulting for businesses and individuals across the Southeast.

When is the last time your insurance was competitively audited and priced in the market? Contact us and let us protect your business today!

We are a proud member of the Alabama Pest Control Association


Your business needs a combination of specialized and general insurance. We can provide insight and programming for both areas, including but not limited to:

Common Industry Coverages

Your business needs a combination of specialized and general insurance. We can provide insight and programming for both areas, including but not limited to:

Industry Coverages

  • Exterminators Liability –
    Care, Custody, and Control Coverage
  • Pollution Liability for Transportation of Pesticides
  • Fumigating Liability
  • Pollution Liability for Pesticide Application
  • Pest Inspection Damage Liability
  • WDO – Wood Destroying Organism
  • Punitive Damages

General Coverages

  • Auto
  • Professional Liability
  • Property
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Crime/Fidelity
  • Directors & Officers (D&O)
  • Crisis Management
  • Cyber + Insurance Placement
  • Workers Compensation

Meet Our Team

McLean Allen
Risk Consultant

McLean provides risk management services to solve a multitude of challenges business executives face as they grow their businesses. His success has stemmed from a commitment to developing strong relationships, combined with technical aptitude—including in the pest control space.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your manage your risk and insurance needs, let’s connect.

Pest Control Insights

Checklist: Pesticide Storage, Handling and Disposal

Checklist: Pesticide Storage, Handling and Disposal

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Pesticides & Personal Protective Equipment

Pesticides & Personal Protective Equipment

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