OSHA released a “Fact Sheet” this morning on the topic of working outdoors when lightning is nearby.

For most of us and our employees, a lot of our work is done outdoors, which means thunderstorms can often affect our workday.

Thunderstorms mean lightning, which means we must be aware of the dangers of lightning when working outdoors.

See the Fact Sheet download below for information you can share with employees. Here are a few highlights:

  • Tell employees where to shelter
  • Have an emergency plan in case of injury
  • Pay attention to the weather forecast
  • Go inside when lightning is nearby (building or hard top truck or car).
  • Take special precautions if employees are working at heights, there are tall trees, cranes or structures nearby.

According to the National Library of Medicine, there are approximately 400 injuries and 40 deaths caused by lightning each year. Best practices are to monitor the local weather, train employees and be ready to act when conditions worsen.
Contact Valent Group’s Loss Control Specialist Tim Rogers for help with any safety related issues. 

Download OSHA Fact Sheet