Every year OSHA publishes a list of the most frequently cited standards. This list helps businesses improve their safety efforts in these named areas if their employees face the recognized hazards. By making safety improvements in the most frequently cited areas of concern, the business will reduce injuries, improve employee performance, reduce costs, increase profit and improve the company image.

This small list can quickly become much broader if OSHA inspects your workplace. Help your employees and set the expectation for them to work more safely. Review your safety process regularly. If you need assistance with your safety process or would like another opinion to identify how your company can fill the gaps, contact one of our risk consultants.


Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards 

(October 1, 2018, to Sept. 30, 2019)


  1. Fall Protection Construction
  2. Hazard Communication standard, general industry
  3. Scaffolding, general requirements, construction
  4. Control of Hazardous Energy, lockout tagout
  5. Respiratory Protection
  6. Ladders
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks
  8. Fall Protection – training requirements
  9. Machinery and Machine Guarding, general requirements
  10. Eye and Face Protection