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We believe a risk management program, particularly an insurance program, is fluid and needs to be tactically approached in three- to five-year increments. What is an appropriate way for your company to transfer risk now might not be the right fit in five years. As your company matures in size and scope, you can take advantage of the opportunity to enhance or flex your plan design.
When we send your applications and information to insurers to obtain their proffers of coverage (generally called brokering in the insurance world), we seek to find the best combination of coverage and cost that fits your needs…which fits your cash flow, risk tolerance and five-year plan.

When we place an insurance program, we place it specifically for you.

In our specialty practice groups, we have access to exclusive insurance products with coverages customized to your specific industry.

We are a People-Business.

We won’t have a ‘service center’ in another state handle your everyday needs.

As an independent, regional insurance broker, we have a personalized model we use to broker your program to the field of insurers, and service your account thereafter.

Pictured: Brandon Mundie, CFO


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