OSHA recently shared a resource from Health Professionals & Allied Employees (HPAE) to help employers and employees determine if the respirators they are using are fake/counterfeit.

Since the pandemic began, there has been a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly respirators. Some have sought to capitalize on this and fake respirators have made it into the supply chain. Counterfeiters have gone so far as to appropriately color the masks and label them with reputable company names (such as 3M) and print N95 on the masks. 

The HPAE guide gives readers tips to help determine if a respirator is counterfeit. Also, 3M has information on their website for identifying fake respirators. If there have been any questions or doubts about the quality of face masks or respirators being used, use the guide below or other reputable websites to help investigate and make a determination.

Face Mask Guide