Danelle Stokes, Senior Client Manager

There is one thing that is certain on Saturdays and Sundays in the fall—you will find Danelle Stokes in front of the television rooting for her favorite teams—The University of Alabama and the Atlanta Falcons. She is so passionate about Alabama football she honestly can’t say the name of the “other” team in the state. “It’s so bad I don’t even have orange or blue colored clothes,” she says with a laugh. “It literally makes me sick to see Alabama lose.”

 Danelle’s devotion to the Crimson Tide began when she was a child and watched games with her dad, an avid fan. “There has never been another team for me,” she says. “I try to go to as many games as I can and I even taught my grandson, Brantley, to say ‘Roll Tide!’ as soon as he could talk.”

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 Just as she is dedicated to her favorite teams, Danelle takes pride in what she does as a senior client manager in the Mobile office for Valent Group. “I want to know that anyone in the agency could come behind me and know exactly what has transpired on an account,” she explains. “My number one character flaw is if I make a mistake, I’m more upset with myself than someone is with me.”

Although she received her associate degree in computer information systems, Danelle quickly realized that career path was not for her. Instead, she began in insurance 22 years ago and started at the bottom as a cancellation clerk with American Resources, working her way up until she landed with Valent Group 10 years ago. “Taking care of our clients is my number one concern,” she says. “From helping them decide on their coverage needs to making sure they get a response in a timely manner, I’m always available for our customers.”

Not only are her customers important, but Danelle also enjoys helping the other team members in the office to work smarter not harder. “When we converted to a new computer system in February, I learned it quickly because of my computer background,” she says. “I learned as much as I could so I could help the other account managers learn the system, because let’s face it, change is hard on everyone.”

Although she enjoys unwinding after work and on the weekends with her husband, Kirt, Danelle’s clients know they can call her anytime. “Many of my clients are more than just customers—they have become friends and I treat them like family,” she explains. “The service and the relationship I provide to my clients lets them know that they are important and that’s the way to keep their business.”

The weekends are for relaxing and family time. Since Danelle and Kirt are now empty nesters, they look forward to when their grown children and grandson come to hang out. “While I love my children very much, I will tell you there’s nothing like having a grandson,” she gushes. “Brantley knows when he comes to GaGa and PawPaw’s house he basically gets what he wants.”

More than anything, Danelle loves that she can learn something new every day in this ever-changing industry. “I love what I do and especially the people I work with. My co-workers are not just friends, but they are my family. We really have a great team and complement each other very well,” she says. “I am so blessed to work for a great company that cares about its employees and I look forward to my future at Valent Group.”