Dan Coulter, Senior Risk Consultant

Dan Coulter is passionate about coaching his children. Daughter Caroline, 12, and son Jackson, 8, are both fully into sports, from softball and basketball to baseball and football. Along with his wife of 14 yers, Morgan, the couple spends a lot of their weekends dividing and conquering, depending on which child has a tournament where. “I love being with my wife and my kids,” Dan says. “The time goes so quickly, so I make a point of spending as much time with them as possible.”

Just as he enjoys coaching his children, Dan enjoys coaching his clients as a senior risk consultant for Valent Group. “The best thing about our company is that it’s a team effort,” he says. “I have never worked anywhere before where everyone participates in the win, no matter which office you’re in. We consult with each other and go on appointments with each other. It’s always better to have a teammate than going it alone.”

For the past six years, Dan has been a member of the Decatur office. After graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in finance with a concentration in insurance and risk management, his first professional job was in commercial lending at a bank. When he made the switch to the insurance industry, it was like coming home. “I wish I had started my career in the industry,” he explains. “I’m a people person, so I love to get out and help folks in their businesses.”

Relationship building is what drives Dan in every meeting he has with a potential client. “It’s hard for someone to switch their insurance, but when you bring value and a sense of help, then that’s the first step in building a long-term relationship.”

Dan’s philosophy is to “make them whole,” which carries over into everything he does. “The main thing I do is listen to my clients,” he says. “I can give quotes all day long, but you have to stand out and show them you are truly listening and helping them have exactly what they need.”

Although insurance is a product everyone needs, Dan strategizes with his clients to make sure they have the coverage they need while at the same time helping them save money and minimize their risks. “I never want to be so transactional that I forget to be there for my clients when they call,” he says. “Someone two hours away may call at 5:30 a.m. to tell me their business is on fire. It’s important for me to show up, hold someone’s hand and let them know that I will walk them through every piece of it and get them back to where they were before.”

The saying goes that you don’t work a day when you enjoy what you do. “I love my job and I love the people I work with,” Dan says. “Valent Group has a great culture and workplace—I truly love that about this company.”