Tracy Leeth, Senior Consultant – Compliance

Tracy Leeth loves to travel. Maybe it was instilled in her at birth in Asia. Born in Taipei and where she lived briefly, Tracy has a bit of wanderlust in her. Her Chinese mother has taken her family on amazing trips together where they bond over shared experiences—and for the first time since her birth, she plans to return to Taipei next year with her mother and brother. “My mother has lived such an interesting life and I look forward to learning more during that trip,” she explains.

That love of learning segues well into Tracy’s job as a Senior Consultant. Since joining the company in February 2018, Tracy acts as a resource for her colleagues in both the employee benefits department, as well as externally for their clients. “Although I’m an attorney, we are not a law firm, so my role is one of guidance,” she says. “I do quite a bit of reading to stay up-to-date on the latest regulations and rules so our clients and our employees can maintain compliance.”

Tracy likens her role to that of a computer help desk assistant, but from a legal and compliance angle. “Sometimes we are proactively planning for renewals and open enrollments and sometimes I’m drafting legal alerts about new regulations to help our clients stay informed and remain in compliance,” she says. “Our guidance definitely reduces our clients’ needs to go to a law firm, saving them time and money.”

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, Tracy has been busy keeping up with the many changes. “I enjoy helping people and what I do keeps evolving and changing,” she says. “People are so appreciative, both colleagues and clients. The people are the best part of this job.”

Tracy spends most of her spare time with her two teenagers, son Davis, 17, and daughter Kate, 15. Active in sports and music, the pair keep her hopping from activity to activity, which changes from season to season. “My kids always want to explore someplace new, so traveling with them has been amazing to experience things like zip lining in Costa Rica,” she says. “Last summer we went to Hawaii and had a wonderful time trying new water sports and seeing the scenery together.”

Besides volunteering in the community or through her church, All Saints Episcopal, Tracy enjoys her monthly book club where she can put down the legal documents and pick up a novel for pleasure. “The great thing about the book club is that it forces me to read something other than what I have to read for work,” she says. “I have always loved to read.”