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Staying on Target

Do you want to spend less time and effort addressing benefits plan compliance and legal requirements? You can trust our compliance team to advise you on trends, requirements and legal changes—helping you act as needed, when needed.

We help you keep your employee benefits program in compliance through our core consultative platform:
An in-house compliance attorney who coordinates your overarching compliance program throughout the year by working directly with you or your service team to stay ahead of requirements and updates, including individual consultation
A benefits consultant who personally reaches out to you to keep you informed of compliance deadlines and changes so you don’t miss a beat
Access to a compliance dashboard software that’s tailored to your specific benefits program, providing you customized reminders and alerts for critical deadlines and activities
Practical educational materials that we author, curate and share so you can comply with existing government mandates or adapt to new legal requirements
Specialized employee benefits attorneys on retainer who provide additional expertise around employee benefits, healthcare reform and ERISA
Deep experience within a range of compliance areas, including but not limited to: ACA, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, COVID-19, Applicable Tax Code Sections (e.g. cafeteria plans)
Survival Guide
We develop an annual compliance calendar and checklist! This “survival guide” helps companies review and plan out necessary actions. While there is no cookie cutter compliance plan, this tool can help you customize a compliance approach and timeline.

Webinars & Workshops

We host regular compliance webinars, including an annual HIPAA training presented in conjunction with our attorneys, legal partners and other community leaders. Local workshops help educate our clients on various topics of interest and areas of focus within the insurance industry and legal community. Join the conversation by listening to our library of past compliance-related webinars.

Our Compliance Check blogs and emails inform you about major changes in employee benefits law. We take special care to simplify complicated legal guidance into easy to follow alerts that typically include executive summaries and employer action items.

When you become our client, you’ll have access to a collection of compliance-specific content partners, tools, briefs, employee communications, sample policies and more—the resources that help keep you informed.

Compliance Audits

We customize a dashboard experience for our clients that notifies them of action items and deadlines and provides consistent documentation of internal compliance processes. This service helps prepare an employer for a potential audit by keeping track of DOL required documents and other information.
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