Are You Prepared?


To best avoid a crisis, we must prepare.

It might be a cyber hack, a storm, a fire or some other type of crisis. When such an event occurs, it is critical that we are prepared to respond effectively and that our team is prepared to respond.


Planning will make a difference. 

If you are a contractor working on multiple job sites, you need a plan for each job site. Names, contact information, and addresses (to name a few) will vary from site to site. Many things your insurance carrier, suppliers and attorneys need in a crisis are different.

If you work in an office or business suite, do you have a plan to go to a back-up location that can likely fill your needs for electricity, phone service and internet? Do you have your employees’ contact information? Do they know to look at your website on the employee login page to find out what the company is doing to get up and running as soon as possible?

It does not matter what business you’re in – you need a crisis management plan, and you need to talk to your team about how it is designed to work. We hope you never have to use it, but it is better to be prepared. Below is a sample plan that you can use as a starting point to craft your customized crisis plan.


Sample Crisis Management Plan