Compliance – Legal Resources

Compliance – Legal Resources

Compliance – Legal Resources

Compliance issues for U.S. businesses continue to move to the forefront and show no signs of slowing down.

The fact is we live in a very regulated world, either from the federal government or via private organizations requiring suppliers or subcontractors to be vetted.

Unresolved compliance issues can cause financial and reputational consequences that are often not covered by insurance. Think about how time-consuming the following would be in addition to wasting valuable internal resources:

  • An unexpected OSHA penalty
  • A messy DOT record
  • A lower score from a third-party verification company
  • A HIPAA security breach

Consulting the Experts

We partner with a variety of legal experts who focus on a wide range of issues that your business might face.

Our clients have access to multiple legal-focused educational partners that offer insights into complex laws and regulations; updates that address frequently asked questions and that clearly explain key legislative regulations; and legal briefs on a variety of business insurance, HR, compliance and employee communications topics.

We believe compliance and subcontractor and vendor management is an important part of the risk management process.

Our intimate knowledge of the various third-party verification companies allows us to better advocate on your behalf and to create understanding, trust and an efficiency between you, your customers and vendors. Our efforts provide our clients with improved customer-client relations, higher productivity and increased margin (because time is money), all of which lower the cost of insurance.

Note: We are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice; however, we have strategic partnerships with a variety of law firms to assist our clients.


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