Get Your Customizable Brewery & Distillery Employee Safety Handbook
Provide employees the information they need to be involved and committed to a safe work environment

Are you providing your team a documented manual that helps them understand your commitment to safety? If not, downloading Valent Group’s Brewery & Distillery Employee Safety Handbook is your next step.

Our handbook helps employees understand how to operate in a safe working environment and prevent workplace accidents that are specific to breweries. The guide covers a variety of safety areas that your team needs to know and helps start conversations about areas your brewery needs to be monitoring for OSHA compliance.

Because the guide is fully customizable, the content sections, company name and other details can be edited or tailored to fit your specific business and employee requirements. Valent Group’s brewery guide includes education focused on:

• Employee Safety Responsibilities
• Safety Orientation Training
• Return to Work Program
• Emergency Action Plan
• Sexual Harassment Policy
• Access to Employee Exposure & Medical Records
• Vehicle Use
• OSHA Compliance
• Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety
• General Safety Precautions
• Employee Liquor Liability Agreement Form
• Employee Acknowledgement Form

Once your handbook is in place, consider working with a loss control expert to develop a separate, tailored safety manual and provide training around focus areas.

Our Safety and Loss Control department can help you identify potential hazards and develop your manual and training programs. For consultation or assistance with your brewery safety program, contact our Brewery team at

With the right safety manual and training program in place, your employees will be better equipped to work safely.