You Have D&O.
Would GPL Be Better?

Too many real estate firms are relying on a traditional Directors and Officers (D&O) policy designed for a basic company.

Complex companies, including private equity firms with real estate holdings, may not be aware of broader policies that are both affordable and provide more appropriate protection for groups with private funds or investors.

General Partnership Liability (GPL) is a highly maneuverable coverage that encompasses D&O, professional liability for investment managers, and can be tailored to fit your complex organizational structure.

In the unfortunate event that principals sue one another, a cookie cutter D&O policy won’t protect them. A GPL policy, however, will.

Plus, D&O policies are generally designed to contemplate the directors and officers of a particular entity but provide little coverage for the entity itself. GPL coverage provides the level of protection that is typically reserved for publicly traded companies.

In this two-page insisghts brief you will receive:
A GPL vs. D&O coverage comparison chart, illustrating why one option may be better than the other
Additional insights as to why D&O may be too narrow for your firm’s activities
A case study of how one real estate and property management firm moved from a D&O to a GPL policy, their benefits and the costs.
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