Keeping It Personal

Keeping It Personal

Considering the benefits of bundling insurance on a car, home, boat, investment property, or vacation property? We take pride in consulting with our clients to provide a next level of service that your likely not getting from a typical insurance agency. Our focus is making sure you have the insurance you need to protect you and your family from naturally occurring disasters, unexpected emergencies and accidents.

When We Place An Insurance Program, We Place It Specifically For You.

In our personal insurance practice group, we have access to exclusive insurance products with coverages customized to your specific needs.

In-House Claims Support

While carriers do their best to handle claims according to your policy, there are instances in which you need a claims advocate; someone who is going to maximize your benefits and make sure carriers are delivering on their promises in a timely and expedient manner. Because policies can be open to interpretation, a claims advocate fights for you, ensuring that the carrier’s acceptance or denial of a claim is in keeping with the policy language.

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Flood & Coastal Services Spotlight

La Donna Douglas & Kasey Douglas

La Donna and Kasey know how complex insurance can be for homeowners living in and around coastal areas. They have spent their entire insurance career working with coastal communities to consult on flood insurance and leveraging their expertise to find customized solutions. If you are frustrated with your insurance and looking for a different solution, give us a call and let us help. After all, we want you to enjoy what you’ve built and have the peace of mind that it is protected!

To learn more, check out our comprehensive flood safety guide.

Homeowner’s Flood Safety & Preparedness Guide

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We’re excited to partner with RiskProNet International, an association of independent insurance brokers in North America. RiskProNet’s members are routinely included on the Business Insurance list of the 100 largest brokers of U.S. insurance.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can better position your property and casualty program, let’s connect.


Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety

Most companies use some type of chemical during the workday. These chemicals may cause sensitivity or irritation issues if workers are not properly trained or protected. Others may be corrosive or flammable. OSHA has requirements for many types of chemicals we use. Do...

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Tornado Preparedness

Tornado Preparedness

Tornadoes can occur during any month of the year. Take steps to ensure office employees and field employees know what to do when the weather gets ugly. Historically, the southern U.S. experiences tornados all year but most frequently from April through November....

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